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The M.Y. Movie clip

Prince lands his first rent to rent deal!

22 & 24 yrs old, Financially free, no buy London home

First day selling Potatoes - Millionaire young

Recycle money to retire faster

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"Should you buy a car or invest in a property?"

"What being free means" to Jade


A SECRET some investors don’t want you to know!

Buying a property with a delayed completion is common with sophisticated investors however most old or traditional investors only focus on getting a big discount which is not always the way forward.

Should you rent or should you buy your home?

Please note that while this content is broadly applicable, it was originally intended for a UK audience.

Ayo Gordon on Pulse88 Radio

Ayo appeared on Pulse88 radio, talking on Jay london’s “Breaking The Cycle” and other relevant issues many face today on their come up.