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Whether it be in education or the work place, we believe the key for any organisation to truly excel, is to keep its people positive, motivated and consistently productive, which isn’t always easy. With more and more students becoming less interested and unmotivated workers costing the economy £230 billion, it’s no wonder many organisations are consistently under performing.

Although Ayo did not do well through the conventional path of University and 9-5, he has been an incredible example of how much difference a strong mindset can have, despite all the challenges he faced along his journey. Overall, we strongly believe that getting a fresh perspective, a boost of self-belief, or even a whole new paradigm shift is crucial for empowering people and maximising results.

Ayo Gordon is a highly experienced mentor that has had plenty of life experiences in all walks of life. His exceptional skills in reading, understanding and identifying people allows him to truly connect with extremely diverse crowds, ranging from young kids/students to corporate professionals and people feeling lost or on the wrong path.

Many say Ayo is unlike any other, he exudes individuality; he is not afraid to step outside the boundaries and will press the relevant buttons to get the best out of people. So whether it is speaking to large audiences or on a one to one basis, sometimes all it takes is that one special connection to re inspire, re motivate or re focus a person or organisation.

Ayo Gordon Speaking at Robert Browning School

Ayo Speaking at Newlands Academy School

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