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About Millionaire Young

M.Y. is a platform that teaches people how to develop the right mindset and invest in property to create wealth and financial freedom.

Officially launched by Ayo Gordon in 2016, M.Y. was a result of Ayo’s earlier success in the property game and his quest to find what truly gave him a sense of purpose – helping others. Before M.Y. was officially launched, Ayo was already sharing a lot of his time and knowledge with a growing group of people and as he says, “I wasn’t even thinking about making any money from it, I just felt so blessed and enjoyed giving back out of pure love”.

To date, M.Y. has inspired and helped thousands of people through its training programmes and social content.  M.Y. is also a network and lifestyle brand, that symbolises sacrifice, fulfilment and success, regardless of an individual’s background.

M.Y. believes that if you want to achieve success in anything, you must adjust your mindset to be vibrating on a frequency in harmony with your desires.

(M.Y) Mission Statement
To create a new culture within the UK property industry and empower, inspire and positively impact a billion people from around the world.
Ayo Gordon - Millionaire Young Founder

About the founder Ayo Gordon

Ayo Gordon is an entrepreneur, property investor, public speaker and mentor. From unprivileged beginnings, being raised by his single mother on two council housing estates in South London, Ayo decided that he wanted more than the life he saw around him.

Growing up as an only child and having his dad unexpectedly leave when he was still a toddler left things difficult, especially being without money and in a one bedroom flat where his mum slept in the living room. Ayo was bullied, kicked out of school and fostered for a period of time whilst his mum was in jail.

During his teenage years, after dropping out of an IT course at Lambeth College, Ayo decided to enrol into a music course at the Islington Music Workshop (IMW). However, after realising that the course was mainly theory based, he decided not to continue. Ayo was eager to get into the practical side of music rather and so immediately setup a studio in his bedroom where he began his music career.  Initially, Ayo started off as a DJ for a group called Fully Equipt, but needed a way to earn additional money so he also began working for a company selling charity subscriptions door to door. Although Ayo had built up his own team and managed to do well, he left the job to give music his 100% dedication. He eventually began rapping and producing, selling over 14000 mix tapes and touring the UK with a live five piece band. After getting a real taste of the business, Ayo decided he only wanted to produce and formed a production duo with his keyboard player, Jonathon Holder ‘TheWizard’.

Over the years Ayo and Jonathon worked with artists such as So Solid Crew, Katy B, JLS, Gabrielle Alpin and many others. They eventually began working with Island Records at Universal, which was great, but after many disappointments and the influence of peer pressure around him, Ayo found himself heading down the wrong path in life in order to make extra money. Eventually, Ayo decided to completely detour from music as he felt there must be better ways to become richer faster and did not want to end up broke at thirty.

Despite not achieving success through formal education and being in and out of trouble with the law, Ayo soon decided to take control of his life by making a commitment to himself to become successful as soon as possible. He started attending many seminars about how to invest into property with little to no money and began learning the game inside out. 

In 2011, Ayo luckily bumped into an old friend (Sean Brett), who had already began investing in to property, he told Ayo that he had won a prize to be mentored by a multi-millionaire property mogul. Ayo pleaded with Sean to share what he had learnt, so that he could also gain the inside knowledge and take action, and Sean agreed. Through focus and sheer determination, Ayo progressed quickly in the property business, becoming one of very few to achieve self made millionaire status by the age of thirty. 

However, after achieving financial freedom, Ayo found himself in deep depression and took some time out to reconnect with himself and decide what truly made him happy. Realising that helping others gave him a big sense of fulfilment, he officially launched the M.Y brand, (Millionaire Young) in 2016. Since then, Ayo has built up a substantial property portfolio in London/South east, helped thousands of people, won an award at the Houses of Parliament and has been featured on various well known mainstream TV shows. His dream is to positively impact one billion people from around the world.

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