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Millionaire Young property investment advice case study

Allison Fagan

Alison first heard of M.Y. in 2017, but feeling sceptical, she decided to attend a seminar to get more of an idea of what it was all about.

Alison first heard of M.Y. in 2017, but feeling sceptical, she decided to attend a seminar to get more of an idea of what it was all about. Feeling inspired, Allison decided to use the valuable information that she picked up at the seminar to tackle the property game by herself and avoid paying any mentorship fees. After a year of not achieving any results, she decided to take the leap and finally join M.Y. in 2018.

With guidance and hard work, she quickly managed to build up a portfolio of ten rent to rents and also buy her first property in Clapham. Since then, she has gone on to buy her second property in a joint venture partnership with her former M.Y. mentor, Farid Abiola. This property was a studio flat in Maidavale, purchased from auction at £400k, which they plan on developing into a two bed. They have estimated a cost of around £50k to do this and plan on making a profit of £60k plus. Alison has really changed her life around, not only has she recently decided to join the M.Y. Mastermind programme, continuing to develop her skills, but she has also got her third property purchase going through. Her plan is to buy ten properties then fulfil her dream of travelling the world before she settles down and has a family. Seriously, well done Alison!

  • Mad to think it was literally 3 years ago this August I set my business up after your course.
    Now I have thirty two HMO rent to rents and own two properties. Would like to send thanks again for your course and the support you gave.

    Connor Chaplin

  • Since joining M.Y my life has done a complete 360. The strategies and techniques I’ve learnt around buying properties creatively have been life changing. This knowledge has opened my eyes to all the opportunities surrounding us daily.
    With this knowledge, a strong belief system and consistent action, anything is possible.

    Alison Fagan
    South London

  • Since joining Millionaire Young, my mindset has changed. I used to be obsessed with the security of working a full time job, but now I am well on my way to creating my own destiny. I have managed to create a secondary source of income, which will very soon become my primary and allow me to free up my time to live my life the way I want to. M.Y.. is not just a group, its a lifestyle.

    Omar Haque
    Millionaire young client since 2017

  • After the one to one meeting with Ayo, I feel super confident in the direction that I’m going, and how achievable my goals are. He’s quite a remarkable individual and I can’t wait to start my journey. Time to take action!

    John Imobeke

  • Joining M.Y. was the best thing that I could have done for my future, there is so much positivity and inspiration in the group. Since I joined, it has made me realise that there is so much that you can achieve with a positive attitude and dedication. 

    Kellie Barham

  • I have always had an interest in property, but felt that I didn’t have enough knowledge to take it further. However, after having a one to one meeting with Ayo, I knew that having him as my property mentor would immensely benefit me and help me to begin working towards my goals.
    Since joining team M.Y. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of property. The support that I have received has given me the confidence to take action and successfully start my property journey. Joining team M.Y. and having a property mentor has been the best investment decision I have made.

    Elisha Jobbins
    Milton Keynes

  • For me, mentorship with Ayo Gordon through his one to one service is priceless. Ayo is personable and really took the time to not only listen to my property goals, but also wanted to genuinely understand the reasoning and logic behind them.
    At the end of each meeting, I had a clear written step by step plan of how I was going to proceed with my chosen investment strategy. After three meetings, due to the value I feel that M.Y. has added to my business planning and life in general, I have chosen to join the 2018 twelve month mentorship programme.
    I have no doubt that I will continue to benefit from all that I am learning and I am truly excited to see what the future holds for myself and my business.

    Jana Stone
    South London

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