Private Mentorship with Ayo Gordon

In order to achieve anything you must take action. To achieve great things you must take massive action.

Private mentorship with Ayo Gordon is a unique and very special service he has put together that lasts for 12 months,  starting with one month training on mindset and the fundamentals of how things really work. Here Ayo will take you out to different locations to get to know you as a person and how your mind ticks, he will also bring you along to different properties he has and break down in detail how each deal  was done. This is followed by a personal one to one goal setting and then 11 further intense months, where he will exclusively hold your hand and personally take you step by step through to completing your first deal/s. You will have a 2 hour meeting with Ayo once every two weeks, where he will really be pushing you and giving you the golden tips for getting over any hurdles and challenges you may be facing.

If you decide to go ahead for this service and Ayo is happy to take you on then some of the main benefits include: Access to the M.Y. £100k pot, which means should you find a deal that requires money you don’t have, you can potentially access it from the pot and  joint venture with Ayo or other M.Y members. Ability to buy and sell deals through the larger community of active other M.Y members, also full access to the M.Y. website dashboard which contains videos, contracts and essential documents you will need along your journey. Ayo believes that working in big groups may not be for everyone and sometimes focusing with the right person one to one can really accelerate an individuals success.

Once your personal mentorship finishes with Ayo Gordon you will have a 50% discount on any service M.Y. provide for the following 12 months. 

Price £9,790

Please be aware candidates will need to be qualified through a selection process.

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Price: £ 9,790.00
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