Free Investor Partnership

Millionaire Young Ltd now has over 60 active Gold Members all pursuing property deals ranging from Property Flips, Off-plan Developments, Land and Planning Uplifts, Rent-To-Rents, Delayed-Completions and Buy-To-Let Deals. There are over 200 properties attributed to the members of Millionaire Young Ltd and with the drive and tenacity of our members actively looking for new deals the need for investment is ever growing.

If you’re interested in gaining access to qualified deals, getting a solid return on your money or joint venturing with us on different projects and splitting the profits then please get in touch. You must fit our criteria and be able to invest at least £20K or over to become part of this Investor Partnership programme. This service is completely free so you’re on our database we simply email you each time an opportunity comes up and you decide yes or no.

Register NOW and start your M.Y Investor journey.

Free Investor Partnership Registration Form
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