Ayo Gordon

Ayo Gordon is an entrepreneur, property investor, public speaker and mentor. From unprivileged beginnings, being raised by his single mother on two council housing estates in South London, Ayo decided that he wanted more than the life he saw around him.

Growing up he was bullied, kicked out of school and fostered for a period of time whilst his mum was in jail. After dropping out of an IT course in Lambeth College, Ayo decided to enrol on to a music Course at the Islington Music Workshop (IMW) but again did not complete the course, as he felt all the theory was wasting his time and was eager to just get into the practical side, setup a home studio and begin his music career.

Initially, Ayo started as a Dj and went from mixing to producing/rapping with a live band and selling 14k mix tapes to finally just producing with his music partner, Jonathon Holder “The Wizard”. Over the years he worked with artists such as “So Solid crew”, Katy B, JLS, Gabrielle Alpin and many others. He was also working with Universal records before finally deciding to detour as it wasn’t paying him the money he wanted.

Despite not achieving success through formal education, and being in and out of trouble with the law, Ayo soon decided to take control of his life by making a commitment to his-self to become successful. He attended many seminars about how to invest in property with little to no money and began learning the game inside out. Through his decisions and sheer determination, he progressed quickly in the property business, becoming one of few people to achieve millionaire status by age of 30. After achieving financial freedom, Ayo launched the M.Y brand,(Millionaire young) which currently now has over 50 annual members and over 1000 online subscribers.


Millionaire Young (M.Y)
M.Y. is a platform that promotes living a fulfilled life in combination with achieving success and financial freedom, regardless of your personal background. Ayo believes that to achieve success you must break limiting cycles that impact upon your health, finances and mental well-being. Ayo is passionate about using the psychology of success to help people achieve their goals. Essentially M.Y is a brand and lifestyle.

When Ayo launched the M.Y. brand, it was initially started to empower and share knowledge with individuals who aspire to be successful and financially free. He believes that a positive mindset is linked to an individuals’ ability to confidently achieve success; “Before you can achieve success in anything, you must change your mindset, so that you’re vibrating on a frequency that is in harmony with what you desire”.


(M.Y) Mission Statement
To build the biggest, youngest and most diverse property community from under privileged areas that creates a new culture and empowers, inspires and positively impacts millions people from around the world.


Millionaire Young Services
M.Y. offers a 12 month mentorship programme, Investor partnership opportunities and one to one personal meetings. We are also working on building an online university which will allow people anywhere in the world get involved, become part of the community and complete training courses online. M.Y is a first of its kind, it has created a new culture, helped many people to create a passive income, buy properties, leave their jobs and really strengthen their character.


“Omar Haque”
Since joining Millionaire Young, my mindset has changed. I used to be obsessed with the security of working a full time job, but now I am well on my way to creating my own destiny. I have managed to create a secondary source of income, which will very soon become my primary and allow me to free up my time to live my life the way I want to. M.Y. is not just a group it’s a lifestyle where we progress and have fun! Ayo believes that all work and no play makes for a dull life, and just to prove it he paid for the M.Y. team to go on a fun filled holiday, showing that it pays to work hard.



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