Asa Mytil

Asa Mytil has been working in property for a number of years. Along side his rent to rent business, he manages a maintenance and building services company. Asa’s nick name used to be Mr “one a month” due to his great success in the rent to rent field. He is a family man and his humbleness keeps him grounded and makes him very easy to talk to for everyone he comes across.Well done Asa we are proud of you. Team M.Y.

Although the environment I grew up in was tough I think it helped me Identify exactly what I didn’t want and also thickened my skin.
Asa Mytil


Name:Asa Mytil
Area Based:South London
Strengths:Very caring and humble and has a great ability to just keep going no matter what’s going on in the background. 
Date Joined M.Y:2016
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