Elite Members

Millionaire Young was established to create a platform where like minded individuals build and grow as a unit. By utilising resources from Millionaire Young, people with a range of experience can start and grow their own property businesses. Since M.Y. was launched there has been countless success stories and many members that have become financially free. Millionaire Young believes that nothing worth having comes easy and would like to especially recognise these members who have demonstrated proficiency and set a good example to others. They have all gone on to become Elite members and continue their journey within Millionaire Young.

Asa Mytil

Asa Mentor Crop 500*300
Asa Mytil has been working in property for a number of years. Along side his rent to rent business, he manages a maintenance and ……. Click here to read more and watch the Video!

Daniel Teixeira

Daniel Mentor 500 * 300
Daniel Teixeira has come a long way from the days of selling jacket potatoes in his restaurant in South London. He closed his business…. Click here to read more and watch the Video!

Josiah Millar

jos pic
Josiah Millar quit his full time job by his 30th birthday having worked in the corporate sector for a number of years. He is a chief deal maker and …..Click here to read more and watch the Video!

Muiz Yusuff

Muiz Yusuff is a former teacher and a father two who has made the full transition into property development. His teaching background enables him to ……. Click Here to Watch Video!
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