Gold Membership

Price: £4,750 for 1 year

 In order to achieve anything you must take action. To achieve great things you must take massive action.  

The M.Y. Gold Membership starts with 6 weeks of initial training & development, followed by 11 months of exclusive full access and support with 2 meetings per month (1 conference call and 1 meet up in person, generally central London). You will be exposed to relentless support from fellow members who’re seeking greatness, just like you. Throughout your first year you will get day-to-day mentorship support with the opportunity to work directly with Ayo Gordon as well as other team members. Another great feature of becoming a gold member is that you will also have access to our investment pot of up to £100K, meaning even if your own funds are limited there is still a great opportunity to reach your goals. Once you join you will also be added to a WhatsApp group where you can buy and sell deals to other active members that may only have time or money. As a group we love to have fun so when we organise group holidays, gold members are the first priority on the list to come.

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M.Y. Gold Member Callback Form
I have always had an interest in property but felt that I didn’t have enough knowledge to take it further.
However, after having a one to one meeting with Ayo I knew that having him as my property mentor would immensely benefit my journey.
Since joining team M.Y I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of property.
The support I’ve received has given me the confidence I needed to take action and successfully start my property journey. Joining Team M.Y and having a property mentor has been the best investment decision I have made.
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